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.governance advisory board

Dr. Ulana Suprun

Chair of the Advisory Board

Dr. Francis Fukuyama

Stanford CDDRL

Dr. Alan Riley

Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

Dr. Thomas W. O'Donnell

Hertie School of Governance
We have verified data from over 92
international fact-checking organizations
We trace more than 500
sources of fake news
Our database contains over 10 000
debunked fake news
Every day we sort through so much information that we have no time and capacity to challenge it. Catchy slogans get in our mind and influence our beliefs. Countless global events are heavily impacted by the broad distribution of unverified facts and misleading statements. The mission of Factology is to debunk the fake news and present the plain facts for you to make your own, independent conclusions.
We can fact them all. We will fact them all.

FakesKiller API

Helps your company, service or software detect fake news and their sources and protects your clients and users from disinformation attacks. FakesKiller API knows more than 10,000 fake news and is constantly updated. We regularly publish debunking reviews and inform the users about the dubious sources.

FakesKiller Plugin

Detects the sources of disinformation on Facebook. Fake news in your feed will be highlighted with a link to the background profile of the source or the real stories behind the fakes. It also lets users make social media posts with links to the debunking reports. This solution is available for free as a Chrome browser plugin.

FakesKiller Mobile

Allows users to scan political visuals from TV and billboards with their smartphone cameras and validate them in real time with our fact-checking database. Found out the real facts? Add comments or stickers and share debunked fakes on social media.

.international advisory board

Chris Donnelly

Institute for Statecraft, Temple Place, London

Michael Gentile

University of Oslo

Ilmari Käihkö

Swedish Defence University

Luba Michailova

Izolyatsia Platform for Cultural Initiatives

Ian Bearder

Veedoo Software Founder, EUvsDisinfo & Disinfo Hub Developer

Alice Stollmeyer

Defending Democracy

Davis Bojars

Technical Advisor


Orange Revolution in Ukraine

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin and his allies in Ukraine tried to meddle in 2004 Ukrainian presidential election that led to massive corruption and electoral fraud. The founders of Factology.Systems took an active part in the Orange Revolution and celebrated the triumph of fairness with fellow Ukrainians. This experience shaped the values, culture and strategy of our company.

Ideation stage

In 2014, founder of Factology.Systems Dmytro Potekhin traveled to the temporarily occupied city of Donetsk to collect information for his article and was held captive by the Russian terrorists and their local allies for a few months. He experienced the effects of propaganda firsthand and decided to fight against fake news that make victims of disinformation capture and kill innocent people.

Stanford competition

Our idea of how to tackle the problem of fake news was not necessarily genius, however this did not stop us from drafting a two-page application and sending it to Stanford. Our concept paper on how democracy can benefit from the development of data exchange standards won and Stanford suggested a contract to implement it. We signed the contract, got the money, threw a party and even had some money left. To implement the contract we worked hard, traveled the world, met great people and learned a lot.

Creation of the first prototype and pilot

Every good startup is expected to create a prototype first ⁠— to save money, time and neurons. This could have been an optimal strategy, however, we were not a good startup, so we just built what we deemed to be the right thing. We are convinced that our initial faulty solutions were not fuckups ⁠— those were prototypes. We upgraded our technology, expanded the team and presented the first version of FakesKiller web application under the name FakesRadar.

The pilot gets better

Our first line of code was written in South Africa after a meeting with friends that were training local non-violent democracy activists. All our further attempts to develop our solution against disinformation were based on the idea implemented in that initial code. That is why we are thankful to everyone who helped us prototype and test our new pilot and supported us despite numerous failed attempts.


We got new developers and found our home in Estonia. Europe's most experienced B2B startup accelerator Startup Wise Guys helped us start our company, find new partners and upgrade our team and branding. Later this year, we met a great team of much-more-than-designers, who became our friends and partners. Over a coffee meeting, we sold 1% of our equity and discovered that we are worth €1,000,000. The next day, one of the most influential democracy experts worldwide, Dr. Francis Fukuyama of Stanford University, joined our board. Now we can say that one million euros is our pre-Fukuyama valuation, in fact, we are worth much more.

New platform

In 2020, we will roll out a new platform that is going to be a game changer.

.executive team

Dmytro Potekhin

Chief Executive Officer

Anna Bulakh

Chief Strategy Officer

Elena Galitsky

Chief Product Officer

Valentyn Ilchuk

Chief Commercial Officer

Diana Ilchuk

Chief Marketing Officer

Jakub Parusinski

Chief Business Development Officer

.your personal weapon against fake news and smear campaigns

Factology.Systems Chrome plugin brings professional fact-checking experience to your browsing experience.